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With 2017 squarely in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to take a moment to reflect, and then focus on the road ahead.  2017 was a year of big adjustments at DZ Solutions – both as a company and for many of us individually!

Two big transitions that we completed successfully and are worth reflecting on were on the DZ Management Team:

One involved a cross country move for Mike Somich, who took over as General Manager, US East and Strategic Accounts and moved all the way to North Carolina!  He was safely installed there in the back half of 2017 and despite the transition, had one of his best years ever.  Brad Winett joined our team to lead sales, and is fully up to speed after a few months of “drinking from the fire hose”.  It’s awesome to have him on board and we have really big plans for 2018.  More on that soon!

Another involved a shift in our finance and accounting practice areas, where after over a decade of fierce dedication from our outside business management resources, we have transitioned to Brittany Smith (and staff) and brought all the day-to-day finance and accounting duties in house to our West LA office.

For more info on our management team, check out the new improved link here:

The other most notable change is probably the continued expansion of and interest in our NCS (Networking, Cloud and Security) practice, led by Ryan Jensen.  Ryan is continuing to add to the team and increase our capabilities in these areas to meet the rising demands of our existing – and new – customers.

As for 2018, our big focus is, of course, expanding the business, both by increasing our capabilities and signing new customers.  We’ll need to contemplate increasing our office space, by either relocating or expanding the space we currently have, and of course we’ll need to add some talent (tell your friends to send a note to jobs@dzsolutions.com).  Carolyn Kiefer already has a killer event schedule for 2018 started that, as always, will attempt to raise the bar from the year previous.

Finally, we always use the beginning of the year to evaluate new solutions that we feel can make a meaningful difference for our customers’ businesses.  Justin, Ryan, Brad and I will be taking a look at what’s out there and I promise to report some of our findings in next month’s blog.

OK – Back To Work!

Singing Off,

—Tom G.