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Any of us who have ever been involved in a growing business know that those “internal projects” always seem to get delayed or come last. Julie Tran joined us in June of 2016, and worked in the nonprofit sector prior to coming on board with DZ. She agreed to help keep the community participation project front and center, and during our next staff meeting, we presented some different ideas to our staff so everyone could sign up. The response was great – especially now that we had options. Today, some of our staff is volunteering at Found Animals Adopt and Shop in Culver City, walking dogs and socializing cats, as well as helping with some of the less glamorous tasks. DZ Participated in Santa Monica’s Heal the Bay, and we sent a team to EnrichLA, helping with one of their community garden projects.

In the early DZ days, we used to do some work at the SOVA Bank in the San Fernando Valley, but after our office moved to West LA, it was harder to get a group out there. It turns out there is one right over in Beverlywood, and myself and some of the team were able to spend a day over there in November. The project brought up some great memories of helping with SOVA in past years and we talked about old times – and packed a lot of groceries! During the 2016 Holidays, we participated in a clothing drive for the Union Rescue Mission.

This year, we’re hoping to do even more, now that we have such a great record from 2016. If you know me, you probably know that I am big on momentum. Our plan for 2017 is of course to ride the momentum of the business, and I plan to do the same with our community involvement. If you are interested in joining us when we do any of these projects, have a suggestion for a project, or want to know more, we want to hear from you!

-Tom G.