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It was another hot (and extremely windy) year at the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention at the LVCC this year. It was great to reconnect with old friends, see our Customers, and see the new tech from our partners, as well as explore the new companies out there. While I didn’t personally see anything that really blew my mind, there were certainly two themes that stood out to me this year.

Attendance – I remember back in 2009 when the convention looked like it might have to really restructure based on low attendance. Over the years some of the “big folks” – notably apple – have stopped doing a huge booth, and a lot of our larger media customers are cutting back on the number of attendees they send to the convention on a yearly basis. Not completely sure what the final count was, but every rumor I heard said over 100,000, which I found quite impressive. The number of clients we met with and people DZ sent out were consistent with the last couple years, which I think shows that there is still quite a bit of momentum for the NAB show. There is definitely overlap with the largest annual Vegas convention – CES – and there have been rumblings they may combine someday. Now THAT would be a big show! There is of course also IBC, which I hear has quite a bit of overlap with the NAB show, but I’ve never attended that one personally. Suffice it to say, a good size crowd turned out, in spite of all the changes over the years.

Cloud Offerings and Focus – I definitely saw more cloud players at the show, and also noticed that media apps are absolutely being ported to the cloud at a rapidly accelerating pace, which was different than a few years ago, where I saw a lot of resistance and ambiguous “future plans”. I’d say in the media space, the cloud is here and it’s here to stay. I was impressed as well with how effectively hardware and software OEMs have pivoted to offering subscription models, cloud-hosted models, and tied them to their existing offerings with robust hybrid options. The overall tech market has been a bit ahead of media cloudwise, but it looks like media is full speed ahead on the journey. Seeing as how many media companies (and OEMs that focus on media companies) are often very early frontier users and early adopters, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see the media space leading the charge in cloud innovation vs. lagging behind in the coming years.

All in all it was a great show, and it looks like there are a couple visits to the desert in the near future for me, so who knows…2017 could mark the most Vegas trips for me in a single year if things continue in the current direction.

What do you think about the future of media apps in the cloud? Let us know!


-Tom G.