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At DZ, our three key values are focused on customers, and we work to maintain our reputation as a partner that delivers positive results to our clients. When talking with a colleague the other day, I explained what inspired me to start DZ Solutions, and what I believe makes our internal processes so effective in driving those results.

In those early days, we had quite a few things working against us, as many small firms do––limited staff, resources, capital—the standard set of obstacles for an early-stage company. However, as a former Engineer and IT Manager, I wanted DZ to be absolutely laser-focused on one thing: positive outcomes for our customers. I had used a variety of resellers, consultants, and OEM resources to get projects completed. At the time, I was supporting 100 users and an entire infrastructure by myself, and had to be as efficient as possible in achieving that goal. While I received some positive outcomes when working with outside groups, I didn’t feel that customer service was high enough on my vendors’ priority lists.

More than 12 years later, having worked now with hundreds of organizations on projects ranging from desktop support to an archive with over 100 billion files, the feedback I receive is overwhelmingly centered around DZ’s ability to achieve the original goal we established at the beginning of the project—a positive customer outcome. Likewise, when I receive customer feedback about the DZ management team—as well as feedback from our staff––the comments frequently center on DZ’s culture and company values. When I probe further, I hear statements like, “They’re fun to work with, but most importantly, they get the job done!”

Make no mistake, process is important. Without some processes, getting to the end goal can be extremely difficult. What works for us at DZ Solutions is that when designing or refining our processes, we ask the same question. Whenever adding, removing, or adjusting part of our methodology, we ask ourselves: What effect will this change have on our ability to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers?

As the market evolves, and we bring new services and products to our clients, we will continue to stay focused on how these new offerings can drive positive customer outcomes. How can we help your organization accelerate and improve business outcomes? Let us know!

-Tom G.