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“DZ isn’t just a vendor for us. For the past 8 years, they have been part of our team,” says Rich Oldfield, Chief Technology Officer for Ignition Creative, a cutting-edge advertising agency with 250 employees and clients representing 20 countries.

“DZ never recommends technology based on cost or speed only,” Oldfield explains. “The staff sit down with us and plan. They analyze where our data is resting and where it’s being activated. This allows us to centralize our data and create workflows that are efficient. They help us invest in products that meet our short and long term needs.”

Meeting Large Scale Storage and Security Needs

With clients in the media and entertainment industry ranging from HBO and MGM to the NFL and Mattel, Ignition requires a secure and nimble infrastructure that meets the requirements of a complex digital, cloud, application and physical security model.

DZ was able to help the company plan, deploy and maintain both their storage and network security infrastructure, according to Oldfield. “Not only are we happy with the products themselves,” he says,” but the planning process gave us a deep understanding of where to make investments that will protect our clients’ media. Rarely do you find vendors who are experts in both storage and network security — DZ is.”

Strategies Recommended by DZ

“We are with DZ because the company plans for the future versus thinking about short term needs,” Oldfield explains. “We are very happy with the products they’ve recommended.”

In order for Ignition to meet the stringent compliance standards of the Motion Picture of America Association’s Content Security Program, DZ recommended Palo Alto Networks to protect Ignition, their client’s and their intellectual property. For post production and data protection, DZ recommended EMC, which provides Ignition with a flexible, fast and secure storage architecture.

A Partner You Can Rely On

“DZ Solutions’ capabilities and expertise have allowed us the flexibility to focus on the right things – the creative and our clients,” Oldfield concludes. “Once I started working with DZ, they’ve always been there for me. And I’ve never looked back.”