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ONWARD AND UPWARD: Helping Woodshop Studios Scale their Needs Efficiently

When Woodshop Studios, a commercial advertising and production company, needed to expand from one facility to two facilities quickly, they called DZ Solutions. The challenge was to upgrade the company’s technology and make sure information could move between facilities at high speed and reliably without experiencing any downtime.

“We came to DZ Solutions with a scale and technical problem and they helped ensure that the content we were shooting could be broadcast throughout our locations in nearly real time,” says Ben Tucker, Director of Technology at Woodshop Studios.

When You Need To Move Fast

Woodshop was particularly concerned about timing. They needed the new hardware and software installed within a month.
“DZ compacted a 3-week lead-time down to just a few days,” says Tucker. When all was said and done, DZ had cloned the entire environment and completed racking and configuring the new environment within a 24-hour period.


Along with connecting the two facilities, DZ upgraded the company’s Isilon storage environment from a 20GB cluster to a 250TB cluster with a 10Gbit back-end network. This upgrade provides the speed and flexibility needed for communication between locations. In addition, DZ used its expertise in networking and security, along with the ability to leverage new technology, to implement more robust security and networking policies in order to keep Woodshop compliant with their customers’ security requirements and expectations.

New Capabilities, New Outlook

As a result of the transition, Woodshop’s clients can now observe productions in real-time at each facility through a system of iPads located in each edit bay.


“In our new environment, clients can be sitting in another part of our building and approve a shot that we produce and we can transport it into post-production right away. These are large 4K video files that are now being delivered at intensely fast speeds,” Tucker explains.

“DZ gets our gold seal of approval for their ability to be dynamic and address anything that comes up. They are invaluable and we look forward to maintaining a beneficial and pro table relationship on both ends for years to come.”